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    Have a basic 30 big pendulum amusement equipment introduction
    Installation form:
    Fixed type
    Height of equipment:
    Running height:
    Number of bearers:
    • Product Details
    DBC - 30 B big pendulum amusement equipment is developed in recent years, one of the rides welcome by operators and passengers. My company to meet the market demand, combined with such amusement facilities at home and abroad advanced design concept, the latest development of a stationary ferris wheel class large amusement facilities. Its magnificent, transportation convenience, the passenger in speed with experience at the same time, more can share little shock of overweight and weightlessness. Passengers with cockpit rotating at the same time again with the swing arm to do big swing Angle, make the passengers feel breathtaking, stimulation of the composite.
    The device full consideration of the practical need of transportation, installation, etc, programming by microcomputer control, with high technology content, low operation cost, simple maintenance, take the safe and comfortable, generous returns on investment and so on outstanding characteristic.
    Main market are dongying vientiane park, Beijing tongzhou grand canal forest park, jinzhong city, Shanxi Province hundred slope botanical garden, jinan elf world amusement park, shanxi yangquan city Chen ditch paradise park, yangzhou, jiangsu province, nanjing's ecology garden, hanzhong YouManJi amusement park, etc.
    The main equipment parameters are as follows

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